Renters Insurance FAQ’s

Upon moving into a new apartment in California, you may be asking yourself … “do I need renters insurance.” Let us ask you … how would you feel if your belongings should be damaged or destroyed from an accident or natural disaster and you were left to replace them, out of pocket? It could be an expense and a shock! For a low-cost, renters insurance protects your personal property in big ways.

At Garden Communities California, we strongly recommend renters insurance, whether you’re renting with us or with another management company. All of our San Diego properties require residents to have renters insurance: The Towers at Costa Verde, Casa Mira View, Costa Verde Village, La Jolla Crossroads, Villa la Jolla, Greenfield Village, Pacific Bay Club, La Jolla Canyon, and Torrey Hills. Read through our following frequently asked questions to help you decide if renters insurance is right for you.

Garden Communities California

Q: Why do I need renters insurance?

A: Accidents happen. According to eRenterPlan, you need renters insurance because your apartment community is generally not responsible for your personal property and does not insure your personal possessions. Additionally, according to eRenterPlan, you need renters insurance because you can be held responsible for loss or damage that you accidentally cause to others.

Q: What does renters insurance cover?

A: There are a wide-range of renters insurance plans. Most plans cover your personal property including: furniture, electronics, and clothes. eRenterPlan in particular includes dog bite liability coverage.

Q: How will you know what I own? Do I need to document it and have receipts for my things?

A: Saving receipts for your belongings is always a good idea. To document items you already own and no longer have receipts for, eRenterPlan suggests video taping and taking pictures of your items. We personally feel taking videos and photos with date stamps are extra helpful.

Q: How much does renters insurance cost?

A: The cost of renters insurance depends on the plan you select and the company you purchase it through — most companies charge around the same when you compare coverage plans. Renters insurance is one of the most budget-friendly insurance purchases you could ever buy between auto insurance and life insurance. eRenterPlan’s rate is as low as $15 per month. Visit their website to get a free quote. Coverage amounts from $10,000.00 up to $40,000.00 are available.

Q: I’d like to know more about the advantages of renters insurance. Can you please share what they are?

A: We are happy to. With renters insurance, you get peace of mind knowing you’re protected from fire/emergency housing expenses, theft, and visitors’ injuries.

Fire – If a fire hits your apartment and you are no longer able to live there, renters insurance will pay for temporary housing.

Theft – If you’re apartment is burglarized and someone steals your belongings, renters insurance will pick up the bill.

Visitors’ injuries – having a guest over and they become injured during their visit? You could be served with a lawsuit. Your renters insurance policy may cover the cost of legal bills and medical bills. Please contact a provider for details.


To purchase renters insurance for your Garden Communities California apartment through our recommended provider eRenterPlan, contact them. eRenterPlan is a local company based out of Irvine that we contracted with to offer you a choice of providers. As a resident of Garden Communities California, you’re welcome to use any provider, just as long as you meet the minimum requirements. Prior to signing your new lease, ask your landlord what these requirements are.