New Amenity Trends for Apartment Communities

If you’re a renter, you know how important amenities are when choosing a place to live. Property managers have begun to respond to your high expectations. While some of the most extravagant, expensive communities provide over-the-top amenities like water parks and nightclub-like lounges, today’s trends are more focused on practical amenities that enhance everyday living.

The apartments themselves are being designed to maximize the use of small spaces and minimize costs without sacrificing quality of life. Rental communities are responding to constantly connected residents and an increasingly mobile workforce by providing community wireless networks or common areas with free Wi-Fi. More communities welcome pets, and some go as far as to offer dog parks and pet spas.

La Jolla CrossroadsMulti-purpose rooms offer residents the flexibility to rearrange or reconfigure the space for a variety of activities. Bare-bones gyms that had a few free weights and an ancient treadmill are being replaced by modern fitness centers with interactive machines and HD TVs. In addition to old-fashioned vending machines, some communities are offering full-blown cafes and coffee shops.

The newest Garden Communities of California property, Casa Mira View, is a prime example of how amenities can make life easier, more convenient and more fun for families. Casa Mira View offers tech lounges, cafés, onsite dry cleaning, a bowling alley, kids club, a children’s carousel and train, state-of-art fitness centers, a spa, karaoke lounge and more.
Casa Mira Bowling
Other examples of upgraded amenities include the bike-share program at Costa Verde Village, our concierge service at The Towers at Costa Verde, and electric car charging stations at The Towers and Casa Mira View. At the new Marketplace at La Jolla Crossroads, the owner is partnering with a local grower so they can provide fresh, organic produce to residents.

We know you expect more from your apartment community, and we’ve responded by offering more services and better amenities. Find out more about Garden Communities of California properties here.