10 Signs You’re from Los Angeles

Downtown Los AngelesThe City of Angels. Lalaland. Southland. The Big Orange. The City of Flowers and Sunshine. The Entertainment Capitol of the World. L.A. Welcome to Los Angeles, a city that covers 469 square miles and has a population of approximately 3.8 million. That’s a huge area with a lot of people, but if you’re from Los Angeles, born and raised there or transplanted at a young age, you know what really makes this city and its residents tick. There are things about your fine city that outsiders just can’t grasp. Those are the things that make Los Angeles beautifully and weirdly unique at the same time. You know which stereotypes are true and which ones are false. That’s the difference between a true Angeleno and a wannabe Angeleno. Here are 10 tell-tale signs you’re from L.A.:

  1. Any car ride that takes less than 30 minutes is considered a fast trip…
  2. Which is why you measure distance in minutes, not miles.
  3. The In-N-Out secret menu is hardly a secret.
  4. Trendy restaurants? Meh. Local farmers markets? Yes, please!
  5. You have a personal “Top 5” list for places to get the best tacos, and they all use soft shells.
  6. You’ve flown to Vegas, you’ve driven to Vegas and you’re probably going to Vegas again soon.
  7. Hollywood Boulevard may be a tourist’s dream, but it’s your worst nightmare.
  8. You own at least two sports jerseys from any combination of the Lakers, Dodgers, Angels or Kings – but not the Clippers.
  9. You believe it’s against the law to root for UCLA and USC.
  10. You wear three sweaters when the temperature plummets to 65 degrees. Brrr.

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