15 Organization Resolutions for 2015

Apartment living can seem impossible when you have a lot of stuff. Where to put everything? Organizing your space can be fun and easy! Check out our list of 15 ways to get organized in 2015.

  1. Lift your bed with risers and add additional storage underneath.
  2. Bed Risers
    Source: Pinterest

  3. Hang your television on a wall to save valuable shelf space.
  4. Wall-Mount Your Television
    Source: gcaerials.com

  5. Stick pushpins in your wall and hang your sunglasses as fun décor.
  6. Push Pin Sunglasses
    Source: Instagram, @allygata

  7. Fold your clothes and place them sideways in drawers. You no longer have to sift through and mess up your clothing.
  8. Shirts Folded Sideways
    Source: hdydi.com

  9. Have command hooks everywhere!
  10. Command Hooks Everywhere
    Source: Pinterest

  11. Rotate your closet only keeping clothes that are in season.
  12. Rotate Your Closet
    Source: vixen-vintage.com

  13. Attach magnet strips inside a drawer to keep pesky bobby pins in one place.
  14. Magnet Strip Bobby Pins
    Source: Pinterest

  15. Simply use wire racks to organize Tupperware.
  16. Wire Rack Organizer
    Source: Pinterest

  17. Place ice cube trays in a drawer to organize jewelry.
  18. Ice Cube Jewelry Organizer
    Source: Popsugar.com

  19. Use a shoe over-the-door organizer for cleaning supplies.
  20. Over the Door Organizer
    Source: savvyhousekeeping.com

  21. Hang your boots on skirt hangers to save floor space.
  22. Boot Hangers
    Source: Pinterest

  23. Tape an envelope inside a cabinet to keep coupons in one place.
  24. Coupon Envelopes
    Source: Pinterest

  25. Use floating shelves because they take up less room.
  26. Floating Shelves
    Source: decorpad.com

  27. Look for storage opportunities everywhere like an ottoman with interior storage space.
  28. Storage Ottoman
    Source: urbanoutfitters.com

  29. Keep a garbage can in every room; it can help you remember what needs to get tossed.
  30. Garbage Cans
    Source: blog.shoplet.com

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