Tips for Making Your Home a Productive Workspace

Did you know that the typical telecommuter is a 49 year old, salaried employee who works for a company that has over 100 other employees? You probably thought it would be a Millennial straight out of college who lives in an apartment rental in Silicon Valley. It’s okay because that’s what most people have previously thought.

Also, according to, those who telecommute save up to $7,000 a year from not traveling to and from work. However, many find staying focused on their work while working from home very difficult. They become easily distracted and have many half finished projects. Find some tips from Garden Communities on how to keep your home workspace a productive one.

Choose a Good Space

Choosing a Space

If you telecommute more than once a week, it might behoove you to rent an apartment in the Los Angeles area with an extra bedroom. This way you can have a completely dedicated workspace. However for those who cannot afford the extra space, don’t fret – you can still have a functional office in another room. I would recommend a room without a television or other distractions. If you have a roommate who is always around, place your desk in your bedroom away from a window. Do make sure you have ample space to work from – being cramped can                                                                                                            hinder productivity.


Inspire Yourself

Choose décor that pumps you up or inspires you to create great work. Inspirational posters are easy ways to keep you working toward the goal at hand. Make sure to add photographs of family members and loved ones to remind yourself why you continue working as hard as you do. If your rental agreement allows, paint the room a color that can help with focus. According to Feng Shui, orange helps to promote concentration and in turn organization. While many rental communities do not allow painting, you can still add pops of orange in your décor like an orange painted pot for plants or orange Post-it Notes.



Set Yourself Up For Success

Get a calendar, set a schedule, and stick to it. Just because you’re working from home it doesn’t mean that you can work the hours you choose. While your might say I have all day, you could become distracted by laundry, then a book, cooking dinner, and before you know it, it’s 11:00pm and you didn’t cross anything off your to-do list.

Purchase furniture that is ergonomically designed so you can eliminate neck and back pain from distracting you from work. While you want your desk to be esthetically pleasing, choosing one that is functional should be your top priority. Have enough space for all your paperwork, computer, and supplies in one place. If you have to get up and go into another room to find something, your mind will stray from your work. However, you don’t want your workspace to be an eyesore so maybe use an attractive vase for writing utensils.