How to Make Your Interiors Look More Expensive Without Spending a Fortune

In an ideal world, everyone would have an unlimited budget to update their home to reflect their personal taste and ideals. There are numerous ways you can update your home interiors to give them a more expensive and luxurious look, however, without spending a fortune, putting a beautiful home well within anyone’s reach. And here are some of the easiest ones, courtesy of RENTCafé.

Create and Hang Triptych

Hang a Triptych
An impressive triptych will liven up any décor.

Source:  Pixabay

One of the hottest things in interior design right now is the triptych – a picture or work of art broken into three large panels. While these are normally very expensive, you can make your own by finding a photo, and printing it out at a copy shop on large photo paper. Then just slice and mount in three poster frames to create your own unique work of art for less.

Supersized Area Rugs

Supersized Area Rug
An oversized rug adds interest and softness at the same time.

Source: Pixabay

Oversized area rugs are a great way to help make any room look a lot larger than it actually is. It’s also a great way to make your home look more luxurious as well, while helping to protect the floors underneath. Opt for the largest area rug you can find, leaving only a small border around the outside of the room to get the look.

Invest in Quality Rolled Towels

Quality Rolled Towels
Rolled towels help add a touch of ambiance to any room.

Source: Pixabay

Make your bathroom into a personal spa by investing in some quality towels. Leave a basket of rolled, super-soft, thick towels out for guests, and replace your old, worn out bath sheets with thick, plush versions that will give the entire room a boost.

Slipcover Older Furniture

Older or worn furniture can really bring down the tone of the whole room. If you can’t afford new furnishings or upholstery, invest in some good-quality slip covers instead. White slip covers, for example, will really update the whole room, giving your furnishings a crisp, fresh look.

Add Oversized Pillows

Oversized Pillows
Lots of oversized pillows provide comfort, style, and elegance at once.

Source: PoshSurfSide

Everyone knows throw pillows are a great investment for adding color and texture to a room. To add a touch of luxury as well, ditch your standard-sized pillows and opt for oversized versions instead. Purchase 22-inch pillow covers and stuff them with 24-inch forms to get super soft pillows that scream luxury and expense.

Add Touches of Quality

When updating an interior to look more expensive than it is, pay attention to the details. Those little touches will go a long way toward making it look like you spent far more than you have.