Stay Fit Without Straying Too Far From Your Apartment Rental

Working Out In & Around Your Apartment Rental

Struggle to fit in your daily workout? After sitting in traffic on the way to/from work, the last thing you might want to do is exercise. According to the Martin Prosperity Institute, over 23.7 percent of Californians meet aerobic and muscle–strengthening guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which is one of the highest rate in the country. If you feel that you struggle with time, here are a few ways to sneak in your workout without straying too far from home.

Go For A Swim

Pool at Torrey Gardens Apartments San Diego CA

For those who live at a community with a pool, take advantage of it! Southern California is arguably the sunniest place in the entire country, leaving you plenty of days to swim. Fitness Magazine has a great 20-minute water workout to help you get started.

Take A Hike

Lake at William R. Mason Regional Park Irvine CA

Many of our communities are located nearby local parks. Metropolis residents can enjoy William R. Mason Regional Park, which features numerous trails spread over 45 acres. There’s also a fitness course, model sailboat course, volleyball courts, and baseball fields. University City area residents can enjoy outdoor space at Rose Canyon Open Space. This park offers a trail running from I5 to I805, making a perfect spot for a run/walk.

Exercise Inside

Gym With Weights & Treadmills

While the weather in California isn’t usually too frightful, there are some great exercises you can do within your apartment. You can develop a full circuit workout within your apartment that contains strength, cardio, and stretching exercises. This is a great time to ensure that you fit in your daily workout routine, no matter what you have to do or what the weather is like outside. Even better, some communities feature their very own fitness center, which features all of this equipment.

Get Some Fresh Air Without Leaving Your Community!

Outdoor Crossfit Area at Casa Mira View

Some of our SoCal apartments contain various community amenities that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, Casa Mira View (pictured above) features an outdoor CrossFit Box, along with weight machines. 360 Luxury Apartments (pictured below) features an outdoor basketball court and Zen Yoga, an outdoor yoga studio offering plenty of space to stretch your body and find your zen.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a workout well done! Have potassium-rich banana “ice cream” cups to cool down after and get the nutrients your body needs. Try this recipe and other nutritious apartment-friendly recipes

Basketball Court at 360 Luxury Apartments