ALL Garden Communities Southwest Apartments Are Smoke Free!

Living in a smoke-free apartment rental can allow for the enjoyment of crisp air, a clean community, and a peaceful place to live. Looking for a smoke-free community to call home? Look no further as all Garden Communities Southwest rentals in SoCal & AZ are smoke-free!

What Are The Benefits Of A Smoke-Free Environment?   

Outside view of Fulton Gardens
Fulton Gardens

There’s nothing better than walking outside your front door and breathing in the crisp morning air and smell of fresh cut grass. When living in a smoke-free living community you can absolutely do that and much more.

Healthy Lifestyle

Casa Mira View pools
Casa Mira View

Living in a smoke-free community also allows for the benefits of increased health. You do not need to worry about being exposed to second-hand smoke and all of the health problems it has associated with it. If you choose not to smoke you should be able to choose to live in an environment where you do not need to be around it.

Let In The Breeze

Kitchen in 360 Luxury Apartments
360 Luxury Apartments

With a tobacco-free environment you can open your windows and enjoy the breeze without the lingering must of smoke wafting into your windows from your neighbors’ apartments or outside.

Out N’ About

Outside grass and playground at Torrey Gardens
Torrey Gardens

You can enjoy long walks around the community without being disturbed by cigarette butts on the ground, ashtrays in common areas or cigarette smoke drifting through your jogging path.

There are many benefits to renting a luxury-living apartment in a smoke-free community. Enjoy the everyday things like open window breezes, morning jogs and living in an overall a clean environment! When looking for a place to call home, look no further as Garden Communities Southwest smoke-free apartment for rent, they are the ideal places to live!

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