Amenities at All Garden Communities California are Fully Reopened

We are excited to announce that all amenities at Garden Communities California are now fully open as of Thursday, June 17th, 2021, in accordance with state and local guidelines. So, whether you are a resident at one of our upscale apartment complexes in Irvine, San Diego, or Los Angeles, California or Scottsdale, Arizona, you can rest easy knowing now you can fully enjoy our resort-style amenities – just in time for the hottest days of summer. Our array of unique amenities ranges from bowling alleys, resort-style pools and spas, fully-equipped fitness centers, and more! When you are a resident at one of our communities, you have access to enjoy all of the amenities we offer at that particular apartment residence.

Please Keep the Following Updates in Mind

Amenities Are Open at Full Capacity

The amenities at our properties are now fully open at full capacity! Any amenities that were previously closed have now been re-opened, so enjoy!

Some Amenity Hours Have Been Extended

For your convenience, operating hours for certain amenities have been extended. For more information, please contact us about these hours.

Guests Are Now Allowed in Our Amenity Spaces Per Your Lease Agreement

Game room with pool and shuffleboard at La Jolla Crossroads
Game time at La Jolla Crossroads

Please look over your lease agreement to confirm and then feel free to enter the amenity spaces that are specified in your contract.

One Guest Allowed per Household for the Fitness Center

Two floors at the Gym at Casa Mira
Gym at Casa Mira View

Please note that only one guest is allowed per household in our fitness centers. Feel free to work out with your best friend or a sibling.

Two Guests Allowed Per Household for the Pool and Spa

Rooftop Pool during sunset
Pool at LUX UTC

Please note that two guests per household in the pool and spa. Invite your friends over for an impromptu get-together before the leaves start to fall.

Reservations Are No Longer Required for the Majority of Amenity Usage

For most of our amenities, you will not have to book in advance. So, whenever the whim hits you – you can go for a swim or a workout.

Please Look Out for Signage with Protocols on Community Safety.

The entrance of the Lobby at Elements in Irvine, CA
Elements in Irvine

As always, follow the signs. We will make sure to post signs that will guide you as to the correct protocol that will keep you and our community safe.

Thank you for your patience as we navigated the challenges of the past year. We appreciate your continued understanding as we focus on opening all amenities for full usage.

If you are new to Southern California or Scottsdale, Arizona and are looking for a place to rent, ask us about the availability of our luxury living apartments with resort-style amenities.