2022 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Attempt

With every new year, many people like to honor the tradition of making a New Year’s Resolution. Like watching the ball drop, making New Year’s Resolutions is a quintessential part of the holiday.  A New Year’s Resolution is meant to improve your life in some meaningful way. From a Statista study, we’ve listed below some of the top New Year’s Resolutions for Americans in 2022. We will give our Garden Communities residents some practical ways to make sure these resolutions don’t go out the window by the end of February. 

Exercise More 

Gym and basketball court at 360 Luxury Apartments
360 Luxury Apartments outdoor basketball court and gym.

This has been on the top of everyone’s resolution list for decades. Luckily for Garden Communities residents, most of our apartment communities offer a fitness center and a swimming pool, just steps from your front door which makes it much more convenient to exercise before or after work. However, there are ways to stay fit without straying too far from your apartment rental. You can always take a hike as most of our communities are located near local parks.  Whether you are a Irvine, University City, Los Angeles or Scottsdale area resident, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy. 

Eat Healthier 

Casa Mira View apartment kitchen
Healthy eating in your new kitchen at Casa Mira View.

Chances are you have indulged over the holidays, and you are determined to make better food choices in 2022. One of the biggest tips from chefs all over the world is to eat local, home-grown food. There are a multitude of Farmer’s Markets in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. We’ve even got some creative cooking ideas that will help you start off the New Year making healthier choices.  

Separating Work from Home Space

Metropolis community space
The cafe and community space at Metropolis is the perfect place to Work from Home.

A lot of us are working from home these days and it’s getting increasingly more difficult to separate work space and home space. Strict boundaries must be put in place so that you can be totally present in both places. We’ve got some solutions for you in our blog post: Working from Home: Office Solutions for your Apartment Rental

In short, don’t lie around in your PJ’s. Don’t put your laptop on your lap in the living room on the couch and watch Netflix at the same time. Create firm boundaries, dress for success, and take advantage of working from home in a healthy way. Take a walk, get dressed up anyway, and go to a cool café with your laptop in tow.  


Office space

This is not only on New Year’s Resolutions lists – this pops up every few seasons when people put in the effort to get rid of the things they don’t need. This phenomenon happens a lot in the spring and fall – but it is likely to happen anytime – and especially after the winter holidays. The name of the game is organization. We have 15 Tips for Organization Resolutions if you need some assistance.

Live More Environmentally Consciously  

Towers at Costa Verde
Eco-friendly living at the Towers at Costa Verde offers charging stations for your Electric Car.

It doesn’t matter what generation you fall into, at this point all of us want to do our part in making the world a better, safer place. First and foremost, we want to conserve both energy and water while also reducing waste. At Garden Communities, we make it easy for our residents to make their apartments more eco-friendly. If you want to conserve water, we’ve got some great ideas to help you keep your promises for 2022. We also have electric vehicle charging stations at a handful of our properties to accommodate your eco-friendly vehicle. 

At Garden Communities, we make it easier for our residents
to live their best lives in 2022.