Understanding Your Garden Communities CA Apartment Rental Lease

Congratulations on selecting an apartment rental in California with Garden Communities! Many people consider SoCal as one of the best places to live, and we thank you for choosing Garden Communities. As a soon to be resident, there are a few things about your lease that are important for you to understand before you sign your new lease – many of which you’ll see on your resident move-in checklist. We often get asked about the following and hope this blog post will help clear things up for you. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lease Clause: I understand I must connect all related utilities seven days prior to moving in.

Explanation: What this simply means is – give the local electric and gas companies a call. You can find the relevant utility provider information and telephone numbers on the first page of your RENTAL DEPOSIT RECEIPT.  Tell them you are a new resident who needs to set up your utilities. Tell them you would like them to be set up seven days prior to your move in date and give them that date. They will ask for your address and provide you with information on what else you need to do. Essentially, you are just putting the utilities in your name. Before we hand you your apartment keys, we will need the account numbers from your accounts with the electric and gas companies.

Renters Insurance

We often get asked about renters insurance. At some Garden Communities California properties we do require our residents to have renters insurance. Required or not, we always recommend it. Learn why.


There are a maximum of two vehicles per apartment permitted. We do charge $25 per vehicle for parking permits. Parking permits are used to identify our residents’ vehicles and to keep non-residents from parking in reserved spaces.

Thank you for choosing Garden Communities California. Welcome home!