12 Reasons to move to San Diego

Whenever you hear someone talk about San Diego, they always say it’s one of the best places to live. People say it has the most perfect weather. While we do agree, here are 12 other great reasons to move to San Diego.

San Diego Zoo

Source: flickr, San Diego Zoo

You can spend hours here checking out the koalas, tigers and pandas, oh my!

  • Lovely location

Lovely Location

Source: http://www.califvacations.com/

San Diego is a great location to visit SeaWorld, Disneyland, Tijuana and more.

  • Microbreweries galore

Micro Brewery

Source: flickr, Paul Jones

With over 80 breweries to choose from, you won’t ever want to leave.

  • People are just friendly

People are Friendly

Source: instagram, @dreamfloraldesign

Anyone who moves there always comments on how nice everyone is.

  • It’s so darn pretty

LA Sunset

Source: instagram, @kaleynelson

I mean who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset on the beach?

  • Big city, little town

Big City, Little Town

Source: flickr, Chad McDonald

All the pleasures of a large city with the feel of a small town.

  • Lots of local love

Lots of Local Love

Source: flickr, James M Tran

There are just so many farmers markets. Like all the time.

  • Mexican food

Mexican Food

Source: instagram, @irie1904

Las Cuatro Milpas, that is all.

  • Golf is on another level

Golf is on Another Level

Source: instagram, @texas_tommy

Who cares what your handicap is when you get to check out that view on 18 holes of bliss?

  • Stay fit

Stay Fit

Source: flickr, moonjazz

There is surfing, yoga, rock climbing, running, anything you want to stay in shape.

  • Comfort for days

Comfort for Days

Source: instagram, @liznelsen

Even our babies know how to keep casual.

  • Okay, the weather!

The Weather

Source: NBC San Diego

I know, I know I said I wouldn’t mention it but come on! The weather is PERFECT!

San Diego is one of the best places to live, and there is a Garden Community here for everyone. Perhaps you want an active community for off-campus living at Costa Verde Village? Maybe you require lovely affordable housing in La Jolla Canyon. Or if luxury living is your lifestyle, look no further than the Towers at Costa Verde.