Make the Most Out of Smaller Spaces

Finding the right apartment rental in California is no easy task. If you had to choose between space and location, what would you do? For me, I would choose location because I have figured out some really awesome ways to make the most out of tiny spaces in my apartment. So in the end I get to be where I want to be in an apartment designed to get me organized.

Space Saving Apartment Rental Furniture Ideas


How about a chalkboard that folds down to a table?

Source: Amazon

Bonus: There is ample storage inside the chalkboard cabinet.


Would you like a bookcase that doubles as storage for a table and four chairs?

Source: orlareynolds


What about this gorgeous transforming coffee table?
Source: resourcefurniture


Hang your plants instead of using valuable shelf space.
Source: Etsy


Swap the TV and corresponding stand for a projector to be used on a blank wall.
Source: Best Buy


This bookcase doubles as a work of art that uses space once thought was lost.
Source: Etsy


Would a mirror that could hang on your bathroom door that opens to reveal a spot to store jewelry interest you?
Source: Wayfair

Pots and Pans Hanger

This kitchen space saver is a two-for-one: a neat piece of wall art and a convenient space to hang pots and pans.
Source: Etsy


Use that wasted space under your bed with a bedframe that comes with its own storage.
Source: Ikea


However if you have the space, this table that quickly converts into a pool table.
Source: Amazon

Bonus: Your friends will visit more often.

Apartment Space Saving Tips

Grab a pen and take some notes for a few general space saving apartment tips.

  • Lots of mirrors! The reflections caused by mirrors allow light to travel all around your apartment.
  • Have a vertical view. Hang art higher and use tall, thin furniture. It forces people to look up and makes the space look vaster.
  • Keep the floor clean. By keeping clothes off the floor, you will make your space seem bigger.
  • Use a striped runner or carpet to make rooms look longer.
  • Make use of tiny spaces with small accent items.