Living in the City of Angels: A Guide to Living in Los Angeles, CA

Everything You Need To Know About Living in Los Angeles, CA 

Los Angeles, officially known as the City of Los Angeles, is the second most populated city in the United States. It boasts a population of nearly 4 million and attracts thousands of new residents every year. This is thanks in part to its warm climate and great beaches, along with its proximity to Hollywood. 

If you have any interest in moving here in the future, we invite you to learn more about the city. We’ve collected information on local businesses, schools and apartments found here. Read through and see what life in Los Angeles is like. 

Notable Los Angeles Businesses & Attractions 

 Large Audience of Spectators at the Dodgers Stadium Field
Source: Yelp 

Among the highlights of Los Angeles is the Dodger Stadium, the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. Each year, the stadium attracts thousands of baseball fans. Los Angeles is also famous for its collection of attractions. These include the famous Universal Studios Hollywood theme park and the Disneyland Park. 

Another sight to check out is the Battleship USS Iowa Museum. This site offers a tour of one of the most prominent battleships used in World War II. There’s also the Getty Center, a museum known for its extensive collection of artwork, sculptures and architecture. 

One other place to visit is Griffith Park, which hosts its own observatory, among other attractions. 

Los Angeles Shops & Restaurants 

Burger & Garlic Fries from Truxton’s American Bistro
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Los Angeles is also one of the biggest shopping centers in world. Whether you’re looking for home décor, new clothes or other little trinkets, you’ll find what you need at the local shops. From The Grove to The Santee Alley, there are plenty of great shopping hotspots to visit in the neighborhood. 

Besides the shops, there are also plenty of excellent restaurants to visit in the city. A few examples include Brent’s Delicatessen & Restaurant and Truxton’s American Bistro, among others. Whether you want something traditional, or you want to try new types of cuisine, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

The City’s Best Beaches 

Stone Structure at Sunset at El Matador Beach
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Los Angeles is also known for its large collection of beaches. The climate and temperatures in the region are consistently good throughout the year, making Los Angles one of the best places to live in southern California. This in turn makes the beaches popular hotspots for visitors and residents. 

One of the most popular spots is El Matador State Beach, and here you can admire the local wildlife and the natural architecture. Paradise Cove Beach has its own restaurant and is a popular spot for surfers in the local area. Another great beach to visit is the Malibu Lagoon State Beach, as it offers great opportunities for bird-watching. 

Local School Information 

Aerial View of the Quad at Northridge Academy
Source: Wikimedia Commons 

If you’re looking for a place to raise a family, Los Angeles is home to several great public schools. Schools in the area are primarily hosted by the Los Angeles Unified School District, though there are others in the region. 

Check the links below to learn more about some of the schools in the area: 

Elementary School 

Kester Avenue Elementary 
Emelita Academy 
Andasol Avenue Elementary School 
Rio Vista Elementary School 

Middle School 

Van Nuys Middle School 
William Mulholland Middle School 
Robert A. Millikan Middle School 
Patrick Henry Middle School 

High School 

Van Nuys Senior High School 
Ulysses S. Grant Senior High School 
Northridge Academy High 

Apartments for Rent in Los Angeles County 

If you’re looking to move to Los Angeles in the future, Garden Communities California operates several apartment communities in the area. Take a quick look at each of the apartments available.

Burbank Gardens

Outside the Entrance to Burbank Gardens

Encino Palms 

Two Pools at Umbrellas at Encino Palms

Lassen Village

Pool Area on Sunny Day at Northridge Gardens

Vineland Gardens

Trees Outside Vineland Gardens Community

White Oak Gardens

Apartment Complex at White Oak Gardens

Woodbridge Gardens

Entranceway to Woodbridge Gardens in Los Angeles

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