Get Ready to be Bowled Over! 

We’re so excited to talk about one of our favorite amenities- bowling alleys! “Strike” up a conversation with your neighbor over a game of ten-pin bowling. We’ve “spared” no expense bringing you these incredible alleys. You can “split” your time between learning the lingo and competing against your group. You’re sure to be a “kingpin” once you’ve finished.  

Have Some Fun with Friends

Couple holding bowling balls.

Alright, alright. We’ll cool it with the bowling lingo.  

If you’re looking to meet your neighbors, what better way than over a game of ten-pin bowling? Maybe you meet up once a week to play a game with your best friends. Are you looking for a cool spot for date night? Bring your honey to the bowling alley. If you’re feeling especially generous, let them win a game.  

Hone your competitive skills by starting a bowling league in your community. You can even get a trophy made for the winner that is passed around each year. Bowling brings people together for fun, competition, and bonding. 

The Health Benefits of Bowling

Person picking up bowling ball.

There are many ways to enjoy getting some exercise, but bowling is probably not one that comes immediately to mind. However, there are lots of health benefits to bowling.  

You can improve your flexibility by learning the proper way to handle a bowling ball from start to finish of your turn. Not only that, but it improves your hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, it can help increase bone density.  

Did you further know that, in each hour you’re bowling, you can burn up to 300 calories? Bowling improves motor skills and helps your body utilize oxygen better thus enhancing executive function.  

Where to Find Your Alley! 

Garden Communities Elements Bowling Alley in Irvine, CA
Garden Communities Elements Bowling Alley in Irvine, CA

We’ve got several communities that have really awesome bowling alleys. You’ve got to see them to believe them! These are the ones you’ll want to check out when deciding where to live in Southern California.  

In San Diego, CA: 

360 Luxury Apartments– The Fast Lane Bowling Alley 

Casa Mira View– Kingpin Bowling Alley 

In Irvine, CA: 

Elements– Bowling Alley 

Metropolis– Strike Bowling Alley