Torrey Gardens Retail Spotlight: The Best Shops for Our Residents

Torrey Gardens: Luxury Apartments, Great Shops, & More

As a resident of the Torrey Gardens community, you have access to an assortment of onsite shops and services. Highlights include a café, a salon, and a dry-cleaning facility for washing your clothes. In addition, a full-service pet spa and concierge will be coming soon.

Our goal is to provide convenience, luxury, and a true resort-style experience. These additional onsite retailers cater to the Torrey Gardens community of residents, and aid in providing an exceptional living environment. Take some time and read about the great businesses found at our community!

Torrey Gardens Café

Torrey Gardens Café at Torrey Hills, CA

The Torrey Gardens Café is the most convenient way to grab a bite to eat as it’s just a few steps from your front door! The café is open to the public, and offers an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a fully-stocked coffee and tea bar, and plenty of tasty specials.

Whether you are resident or someone passing through the area, you should take some time to check this café out.

Mariposa Salon

Looking to try a new hair style or have your nails done? Then you should stop by the Mariposa Salon at Torrey Gardens.

This salon is a collaborative effort between the best hair stylists and manicurists in Torrey Hills. The stylists here can help you with haircuts, extensions, highlights, hair color, and more. With their help, your hair will stay healthy and beautiful. Pedicures are also available.

If you want to try a new look, book an appointment today!

SoapBox Dry Cleaning

SoapBox Dry Cleaning at Torrey Hills, CA

SoapBox has been open since 2014 and serves as Torrey Garden’s primary laundry facility. This dry-cleaning facility is open 24/7, and is open to the public as well. Even if you are not a resident, you can still register to use the machines at this facility.

If you need a convenient way to do your laundry, be sure to visit SoapBox Dry Cleaning.

FIDUS Pet Concierge

Fidus Pet Store Coming Soon to Torrey Hills, CA

FIDUS Pet Concierge is a new addition that recently opened to the public. Since Torrey Gardens is a pet-friendly community, we want to make sure residents can get everything they need for their animal friends. The store offers pet services, such as grooming and dog walking, along with a shop for pet supplies. Other services are available as well. 

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