FIDUS Pet Concierge Now Open at the Torrey Gardens Retail Courtyard!

FIDUS Pet Concierge is Now Open at Torrey Gardens 

FIDUS Pet Concierge is a brand new establishment for residents of our Torrey Gardens community, and is also open to the public. FIDUS offers a range of high-end, onsite pet services that will let you give your pets the treatment they deserve. With the services offered at FIDUS, we’re looking to enhance the quality of life for pet owners in the local San Diego area. 

Take a few minutes and learn about this new addition to our retail offerings. Use this time to read about the services offered for both local pet owners and community residents. 

Shop at the Pet Essentials Boutique

Staff Members of FIDUS Standing Outside Building With Their White Dog

One of the standout services of FIDUS Pet Concierge is the fully-stocked Pet Essentials Boutique. Here, pet owners can buy a wide range of pet items, including collars, leashes, toys, food, and more. You’ll find great brands that aren’t available at any major retailers, so please stop in! 

If you sign up for the ClubFIDUS Platinum service, you can receive a 10% discount off all purchases. Also, walk-ins are encouraged! 

Full-Service Grooming & DIY Dog Spa 

Another service offered at FIDUS is full-service dog and cat grooming. Professional groomers who are well-versed in animal behavior will work with your pets to offer a serene washing session. Please view the official services page to get a full breakdown of the cleaning services offered by the staff here. 

If you prefer to wash your dog yourself, a DIY dog washing station is also available for use, at a cost of $16 per dog. Professional groomers will be on standby to offer assistance if you need it. Some of the features available for use include:  

  • Deluxe, waist-high tubs 
  • Professional grade shampoo and conditioner 
  • Clean towels 
  • Blow dryers 
  • Brushes & combs 
  • Waterproof aprons 

Veterinary Clinic

White Dog Sitting at the Desk of Vet’s Clinic

If you need help keeping your furry friend healthy, you can take a quick visit to the Veterinary Clinic. FIDUS’s licensed veterinarians offer preventative services that will keep your pet from getting sick. Available services include physical exams, routine vaccinations, allergy treatments, flea/tick/heartworm prescriptions, and more. 

Through our on-demand services, you can have one of the veterinarians come to your apartment to check on your pet. The team of healthcare professionals at FIDUS will strive to help your pet stay has healthy as possible. 


Need help finding the best services and products for your pet? You’ll be able to ask the onsite pet concierges for assistance. They’ll provide you with information about helpful services in the San Diego area that you can take advantage of. 

Concierges are always on standby, so don’t hesitate to ask for help! 

Resident Services

Walking a Pair of Dogs Outside FIDUS Building

For residents of Torrey Gardens, you will have access to two additional services: dog walking and pickups and drop offs.

If you need someone to walk your dog while you are out of your apartment, a professional walker will look after it. Dogs will be grouped together by size and energy levels to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. Walks can be booked as you need them, but you can set up a monthly schedule as well. 

Pickups and drop offs are also available free of charge. If you need to go somewhere but have a vet or grooming appointment for your pet, we can help. After you leave, a staff member can come and bring your pet to the appointment for you. They’ll drop it back off too, so you won’t have to worry about heading back out. 

Services for La Jolla Crossroads and 360 Luxury Apartments Residents 

While FIDUS is located at our Torrey Gardens property, pet services have been expanded for residents of our other Garden Communities properties. Residents of La Jolla Crossroads and 360 Luxury Apartments will have access to both dog walking and pet check-ins. Vouchers will also be available that can be redeemed for free services. 

For information about availability, please reach out to FIDUS. 

If you’re interested in moving to our Torrey Gardens community,
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